Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

Bring smiles to the faces of your grandparents this season with sure-to-please gift ideas a. How many birthdays have your grandparents surprised you with the best-ever present? How do Grandmas always know exactly what you want for holidays? And how many times have your grandparents given you great presents outside of any occasion, just because? Well, now you’re the one wearing the proverbial Santa suit. It’s time to reciprocate! Treat your grandparents to great gifts. Here are some grandparent friendly options.

Fun Mugs for Seniors

It’s only your age. Lighten up! Ironic novelty mugs are a classic gag gift and make a great stocking stuffer. Not just for senior citizens, heavy duty ceramic mugs with fun question mark shaped handle single out coffee-sippers age 30 and up.

Oval Serving Tray with Removable Cutting Board

This high quality serving tray with removable cutting board is perfect for entertaining. Prepare and serve cheeses, fruits, nuts and other delicious snacks. It’s build from rubber wood, an environmentally sound material known for its attractive grain and hard-wearing durability. Attractive removable cutting board is built from light bamboo, and is fixed within a stabilizing recessed channel to prevent slipping. If your grandparents love to entertain, or simply enjoy rich cheese in style, this is one serving accessory they’ll treasure forever.

Panoramic Rearview Mirror

For automotive safety and convenience, give your mobile grandparents this enhanced panoramic rearview mirror. It clips easily right on to any existing rearview mirror and improves rear view visibility up to 300%! That’s a significant difference-especially for aging individuals who may be struggling with vision problems. This valuable road safety device actually eliminates drivers’ blind spots on both sides of any vehicle. The mirror is built from distortion free glass for crystal clarity. It minimizes headlight glare at night, so your grandparent can enjoy the best possible visibility. Enhanced automotive safety is a truly priceless gift to be able to give a loved one. Wrap up the panoramic rearview mirror clip-on for every driver you know, and remind them to take care on the road.

Fun Grandchildren Spoiled Doormat

Are you spoiled? If you have grandparents, there’s only one answer to that question! No matter what your age, give your grandparents the pleasure of showing off by giving them a funny, irreverent welcome mat. “Grandchildren Spoiled Here” welcome mat is made of 100% Olefin indoor/outdoor carpet with perfect bound stitched edges. Tough, highly durable mat is built to take feet-wipings from the most rambunctious of grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!) for years to come.

Crosley Candlestick Phone

Many older adults use land-based phone lines in their homes. Give your grandparents the best gift of all this holiday season: a call on the telephone! Send warm holiday greetings with unique retro-styled flair by first ordering them a completely charming Crosley Candlestick Phone. First, a history lesson. The Crosley “Candlestick” phone model was built in the early 1900’s, pre-dating the familiar one piece hand set. Also known colloquially as an “upright,” the Crosley design was originally attached to a huge wooden box containing a battery, bell and hand crank-all the simple machinery that made it a working phone. This model recalls the original in design and form, combining a whole lot of vintage charm with all the technological updates we enjoy today! Decorative dial appears as a 1900-era rotary, but has been elegantly modified to function as a sleek 2011-era pushbutton. Additional modern-day features include Push Button Technology, Rotary Fashion Dial, Redial Feature, Tone/Pulse Switch, Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch, Earpiece Volume Control, and Cloth Cord. Your grandparents will love the nostalgic design, and they’ll love even more hearing your voice at the other end of the line!

Drive Safely Car Visor Clip

Grandparents will treasure this affectionate reminder to stay safe on the road. Miniature picture frame charm clips easily and securely onto any car visor, in any car. Choose a treasured picture of the family and frame neatly in beautifully inscribed metal fame, so your mobile grandparent knows exactly who’s counting on their safe return home. Inscribed messages “Drive Safely!” and “You have a family at home that loves you!” express warm concern in few words. Pick up a few and gift to all the older adults in your life this holiday season.

Used Rolls Royce – A Stunning Used Car

For the vast majority of people, a Rolls-Royce experience isn’t something that they’re going to be indulging in any time soon. Paying the mortgage is probably more important, although at a push a Rolls does look as if it could house a small family.

That imposing design and impassive profile combine to create a car that is sought after by those who have the disposable income to contend with a vehicle that costs as much as bricks and mortar. If you’ve accumulated the wealth to start considering a Rolls as your next ride, there’s no question that you’ve made your way to the top through hard work and aspiration, and what better reward than that iconic Spirit of Ecstasy emblem gracing the car that will change the way you drive?

Whilst the world is no longer such a majestic place, the Rolls-Royce legacy still retains an aura of a glorious era gone before, a turn of the century treasure that continues to delight. With melodramatic names that can’t help but inspire awe, the Rolls-Royce brand is one that has needed to change very little.

Regardless of whether you’ve attained success through creating your own business or rising to the top of an established firm, marking your achievement with a Rolls-Royce is something that shouldn’t be rushed into. Well, not when you consider that there are nearly new models available that can save you quite a considerable amount of money.

You may not be able to have bespoke features added on a whim, but you will profit from buying a used Rolls Royce in many other ways. The dreaded spectre of depreciation will have already passed, and you’ll find that if you’re willing to compromising on internal specs you’ll still get an utterly stunning car that’s simply one of the best and most respected models on the market.

Volvo Repair Manual – Treasure Trove To Keep The Car Up To Specs

Volvo REPAIR MANUALS are far from the heady fine prints that usually come with the merchandise. They are, quite literally, illustrative guides on Volvo car care and repairs. Volvo REPAIR MANUALS familiarize car owners on the complicated inner workings of a car engine, in a language that is both terse and concrete. Whether you’re a professional auto mechanic or a car owner who wishes to have the inner workings of a car engine demystified, the Volvo REPAIR MANUAL can put you on a high ground to run the Volvo flat out.

Mechanics and writers have worked together to give both a reputable and intelligible account on car operations. The Volvo REPAIR MANUAL contains details of car construction, maintenance, and repair guides. It is a comprehensive source of service information and car specifications, contrary to the manual’s restrictive title. More than repair guides, fundamental automotive concepts form a considerable portion of the Volvo REPAIR MANUAL, making troubleshooting and repair instructions not a lemming-like procedure. Available in soft covers and with editions measuring 8″X11,” the Volvo REPAIR MANUAL makes car information handy.

Subjects range from car engine operations to troubleshooting techniques and tool use. A footnote to model specs is the recommended car maintenance schedules tailor-fitted for specific Volvo makes. The bulk of the Volvo REPAIR MANUALS focuses on the emission control and engine management systems of the Volvo. This includes the car’s fuel injection system, breaker-less electronic ignition, Charge Air Pressure Control System, automatic and manual transmissions (including overdrives) and detailed procedures and specifications for four- and five-speed Volvo manual transmission overhaul. Also covered are Volvo engine systems that run on after market and performance parts, including but not limited toLH-Jetronic fuel injection (from LH 2.0, to 2.2, 2.4, and 3.1 versions), K-Jetronic, and EZ116 K.

For the more difficult repair procedures, texts are accompanied by diagrams and illustrations. The Volvo provides a clear picture of how repairs are ideally done: from valve clearances adjustments to heater blower replacements, suspension bushings restoration, and water pump replacement. Additionally, electrical wirings of the Volvo power drive are diagrammed, along with an illustrated troubleshooting and circuit description, including fuse, relay, and component locations. With the easy-to-understand illustrations of car operations in the Volvo REPAIR MANUAL, car maintenance appears elementary.

On the maintenance part of the Volvo REPAIR MANUAL, detailed are the useful factory tolerances, wear limits, adjustments and tightening torque specifications of critical maintenance items like stock brake lining, radiator, strut mount bushings, constant velocity boots, actuators, spark plug, and spark plug wires, among others. In cross-reference to this portion is the lowdown on car care and parts preservation that can allow you to save up on replacements.

The Volvo REPAIR MANUALS equips you with more than the basics of car operation. It contains not only troubleshooting tips, but also car care and maintenance aimed at allowing car owners to save up on minor car repairs. Additionally, with the lowdown on car engine operations and parts performance, the Volvo REPAIR MANUALS contains troves of information on how to run a Volvo flat out.